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Creation of Kisan Bhawan

Alamjit Singh Mann outdid himself yet again. His private property in Zirakpur will now see the construction of a “Kisan Bhawan” for the protesting farmers to rest and rejuvenate.
This news comes as a relief to many farmers who are fighting for their rights amidst the confusion and chaos caused by the controversial Farm Bill 2020. Weary farmers will now be able to live free of cost and also use the Bhawan for their marriage ceremonies.
For the last 32 years, Mr. A.S. Mann has been working selflessly for the service of the public. His initiatives have not been confined to his state borders; Mr. Mann has gone above and beyond to help his fellow countrymen regardless of the states they live in. In 2004, when the Southern States of Tamil Nadu and Kerala were severely affected by the tsunami, he made a sizeable donation towards the Tsunami Relief Fund in our erstwhile Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s office for which he was shown immense gratitude.
In an interview for Punjab Plus Channel, he threw some light on the impact that the Corona Virus has had on the people of our country. The labour class he feels have been affected the worst. He personally undertook the task of distributing masks and sanitizers among the underprivileged. He feels that working in the field is a sure way to ensure that everyone feels included and feels like they have someone looking after them. Mr. Mann believes that rather than sitting in air-conditioned offices, it is more important to help the needy who suffer in such trying conditions.
Mr. Mann selflessly devotes himself to the well being of those people who desperately require his aid. Mr. Mann performs the last rites on the unclaimed dead bodies and extends his help to accidental victims. He has opened 24 hours helpline for the above said victims. He also conducts entertainment activities for physically challenged children and orphans. He has also announced to open free Music Academy for Blind Children and poor children on his land situated in Zirakpur, District Mohali, Punjab.

He is decorated with “Rashtriya Rattan Award” in the year 2001.  The Punjab Government has also awarded him “State Award &Parman Patra” by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Punjab on 15.08.2004 in view of the humanitarian services provided by me.

He takes take the responsibility of all his social work exclusively on his own shoulders and no donation of any kind is being accepted by him from Government or non-Government departments or from any common man and in future too, he will not take any type of donation / help from anyone.

Mr. Mann can aptly be described as a modern-day saviour. His tireless and selfless efforts towards the underprivileged people of our society make him a hero and a blessing in disguise for many!

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