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Golden Sand Apartment – Extortion, Forgery, Land Grabbing

The ownership of a piece of land is considered a great asset because an individual works day and night, struggle through his hardship with the dream of owning a house or having a piece of land under his name. This is something that is deeply rooted in the hearts of people. However, the problem of land grabbing and the land mafia is something that our country faces a lot. Land mafia is a nexus comprising politicians, criminals, property dealers, and corrupt government officials and it does not just limit to some individuals. The acquisition of land in a consolidated chunk is needed for launching a housing society. But when a company begins purchasing land, it announces its intentions to the existing residents of that area. As a result, many owners simply refuse to sell at the market price while others may not be interested in parting with their land – regardless of price. This is where the land mafia or more accurately the criminal elements come in – to make an offer, the owner cannot refuse. They use unfair and dirty means and stoop so low to get their business done or to earn profits.

Golden Sand Apartments, Gazipur, Dhakoli, SAS Nagar, Zirakpur, Mohali Punjab which is considered one of the most lavish and prime housing societies, apartments have been following these malpractices and using unfair means to extort hefty amounts of money from people by giving forged papers of possession. There have been many cases registered where they have beaten people to death who were defending their piece of land, in addition to this there are a total of 8 FIRs under IPC section 420/406/ 465/ 466/ 467, etc. that are registered under the name of the owners of Golden Sand Apartment that are Pawan Sharma, Amit Nanda, and Sanjeev Khanna but due to their nexus with senior police officials and politicians they always manage to get away with their aggravating criminal activities. These instances by leading builders who are considered the pillars of a developing nation along with police officials in which people show their utmost trust breaks the confidence of people because they are the one that gets looted and suffered by them. Therefore Mr. Alamjit Singh Mann a renowned philanthropist from Punjab and a state awardee who has a done some remarkable charity work for the upliftment of the poor and helping those who are in need during the Covid times without any political motive or support have taken a step to bring down such people. Mr. Alamjit Singh Mann has complete trust in the judicial system of this country and with the view to bust the deeds that police has been doing under such cases and to make people aware of the real image of Golden Sand Apartments he is demanding CBI inquiry on to this matter as he is unshakeable of the act done by Golden Sand and hope that there should be justice in this case. The responsibility is also on the people as well to become vigilant and raise their voice against Golden Sand Apartments and support Mr. Alamjit Singh Mann to put an end so that in the future nobody gets affected by it.

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