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Hike in MSP For Paddy, Pulses

With ongoing protest that has been happening for more than six months in on Delhi outskirts have led the central government to increase the MSP for common paddy to Rs. 1940 for the coming kharif season. With a view to increase the crop diversification there was a slight increase in MSP for pulses, oilseeds.


The MSP is the price at which the government buys crops from farmers and is generally decided by taking into account the calculation of at least one and a half times the cost of production experienced by farmers. However, this was seen as an absurd attempt by the government as this might not keep pace with inflation and a remunerative MSP is yet to ensure for the farmers. Mr. Alamjit Singh Mann one of the leading philanthropists in Punjab showed his disconcert over the attempt stating that the government is ignoring the struggle farmers have been facing during these hard times.

-The Hindu

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