Even though Aalamjit ran a coaching center in Chandigarh with his wife, and also owned a commercial center and a restaurant in sector 35, he never let that get in the way of his social service.

Whenever someone needed assistance of any sort, they would call Aalamjit. His efficiency was such that people called him even before calling the police to most crime scenes. He wasn’t just available for the common folk. Even the officials in high posts would turn to Aalamjit in times of trouble.

Whether it was the Patiala accident, the Ropar bus accident or the Sirhind rail accident, Aalamjit was always there on time, ready to do what it took to assure all people were attended to and rushed off to nearby hospitals.

There were many a times when he had to perform the last rites for decaying corpses who no one would take accountability for. He did so with the thought that all souls deserved a final ritual before leaving the earth.

Aalamjit has strong principles in life that he lives by. A girl living in Mohali called him up to let him know of how she was being harassed by a boy on the phone. He told the girl to meet him at a bus stand where he was waiting for him with the girl’s father and brother. Though they were outnumbered, as the boy had brought his friends with him, Aalamjit fought to the teeth for the girl’s dignity.