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Plight of rural healthcare system in UP

“The future of India lies in its villages” a remarkable statement that was once said by Mahatma Gandhi because the father of our nation believed that rural India is the real strength of our country and we should work together for its upliftment, but 73 years after independence when the whole nation is stuck by the lethal Covid second wave it is the rural India that has been hit the hardest. Villages like Begusarai, Chithara, Padri have seen the worst of all in these hard times with more than 116 deaths that are accounted in last two months. Deteriorated rural primary health care systems, under qualified doctors and people with little or no knowledge about Covid Vaccination have surely affected the people living over there. It is believed that somewhere down the line when the country was making progress in all other areas, they have neglected rural India over there which was at one time considered one of the primary parts of the country. Mr Alamjit Singh Mann who have been doing humanitarian work from past 50 years have expressed his discomfit as he said that villages are one of the most integral part of the country therefore it is a primary responsibility of the government to ensure the welfare of the people living over there and there should be maximum availability of all the required resources during such times.

-Scoopwhoop Unscripted

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